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Yahoo to bring Yelp into Yahoo search results

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has reportedly entered into an agreement with Yelp to integrate their reviews in the search results. 

With this agreement Yahoo hopes to increase the number of users of its search engines by improving local search results with Yelp's reviews of restaurants, mechanics, bars, and various other activities. In fact, Yahoo has in the last two quarters achieved revenue decline compared to a year earlier, but revenues related to the search engine grew by 8%, for which are largely responsible partnerships with other companies that Yahoo made last year.

Yelp shared their reviews and ratings with Google's until now, but their partnership entered a crisis after Google refused to cite when displaying Yelp ratings and reviews within their search results. In the meantime, Google has bought the competitive website Zagat, whose popularity was significantly lower than Yelp.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 06:13
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