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YouTube to bring paid subscription

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According to the Financial Times, YouTube (owned by Google) is preparing a new service that will allow owners of certain channels to charge a monthly fee in the amount of $2 to everyone who wants to watch their recordings.

According to official statistics, YouTube is monthly visited by about a billion unique users to review the content for 4 billion hours, and every minute on YouTube is uploaded about 72 hours of new video content. Given this power that makes YouTube video strongest global media today, many companies, film studios, music publishers and TV stations dont see Youtube as a competition and a system for a distribution of illegally transferred  content, but they want to make the most of it to promote their videos .

Now YouTube (Google) wants to offer a business model through which the interested ones will be able to charge for their content. There is not yet known which exactly channels will be charged when a new service is launched, but it is expected that the word is about TV houses that will offer distribution of their best shows and TV series via YouTube. Also, an unnamed source for the FT said that the users of these channels will be offered with exclusive first-run content and video clips, and the money that customers get from subscribers will be used to finance new video content that will be shown exclusively on YouTube channels. Paid channels will also guarantee users viewing content without ads, which will also represent an alternative to partner channels on a contrary to the current business model where the advertisers sponsored public distribution of films on YouTube.

It should be noted that YouTube has not confirmed this information, but the FT says that it will be published by the end of this week. Otherwise, YouTube has already announced the possibility of paying subscriptions for certain channels during the last year. We do not know how much money from these subscriptions will be taken by YouTube/Google, but we are confident that the new business model will be very profitable for them.

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