Bad video games are nothing new there are about as many of them as there are bad TV shows and movies. However, even when a producer knows that a TV show or movie is bad they still are going to do everything they can to get people to go and see it. There are many techniques that are used to do this, but one of my least favorites is when they dig through the move and show you all the “good parts” in a trailer in order to entice you into spending your money. Now although this is bad it is not really illegal, just very misleading and dishonest. So what would you do is the scenes shown in an ad were not actually in the movie, or looked nothing like the final picture? Would it be false advertising? Would it make things worse if the CEO of the movie studio claimed that the scenes were part of the movie? I am sure that it would oddly enough this exact thing has happened, but with a game instead of a movie.