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Monday, 22 May 2023 14:12

As System Shock Remake is Underway New Look at the System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Pips up

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Long, long ago in a development studio far away there was a concept for a game where the protagonist was something more than just another boss to beat. In 1994 LookingGlass studios launched the game System Shock. It was a 1st person shooter game where you take the role of a “hacker” onboard a space station in 2072. Your nemesis, a malevolent AI called SHODAN. The game was a critical success although it lost money for LookingGlass. System Shock also changed the genre of first-person shooters with its innovative style, story line and, of course, SHODAN.

The thing that set SHODAN apart was the way it continually harassed you verbally and actively put obstacles in your way. It seems almost as if it was alive and became such a huge part of the game that the taunting in the haunting female voice stick with you even long after having completed the game. SHODAN would return in System Shock 2, also from LookingGlass while the concept and framework for the game would return in Bioshock and all its sequels. You can also see SHODAN’s hands and influence in many modern games.

If you could not tell, I really liked System Shock and its Sequel. It is because of this that I am excited to see a remake of it from the folks at Nightdrive Studios. Nightdrive Studios appears to be doing things right as they did not just purchase the rights to the name and story. They also bought the original source code. They have also been seen to be working with the fans of System Shock to ensure they are doing things right. Watching the first look at System Shock 2 enhanced edition I am currently excited to see what they are going to do with it. For now, we will all have to wait to hear SHODAN call us a pathetic creature of meat and bone until Nightdrive is ready.

You can check out the trailer on YouTube.

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