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Destiny Beta Coming to Xbox in Late July

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One of the big stories from this year’s E3 was the announcement of the open Beta of Destiny for the PS3 and 4. Destiny (if you did not already know) is a new first person shooter from the company that brought us the first three installments of the Xbox only Halo franchise. This is part of what made the news of the Sony oriented beta so interesting.

Well do not fret Xbox Fans, Bungie has always said that they would indeed release a version for the Xbox, but they declined to give a time frame for this effort. Now it seems you might have a rough estimate of when you can join the fun. A new trailer for the game appears to indicate that the beta for Xbox will hit in late July.

This is only a little bit after Sony’s faithful will be jumping on board, so it is not the same slap to Microsoft that it appeared to be at E3. Still for now the PC will still be left out in the cold with no word on when or even if a PC version will be released. Publisher Activision feels that Destiny should become a PC title and is reportedly investing $500 Million into the franchise.

If you want to get in on all the beta fun you will need to preorder the game and then register a special code on the beta site. For what it is worth Bungie is stating that the beta should be very close to what the full game will be. Destiny is a big deal for Bungie as it will be the first AAA title from them since Halo it needs to be a hit, or they could end up being labeled as a one hit wonder…

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