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Intel Bay Trail for tablets

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Bay Trail

At IDF Beijing conference in Beijing, Intel presented the characteristics of the Bay Trail generation of processors intended for tablet makers. According to Intel, a completely new architecture in a somewhat anemic Atoms. They estimate the new generation of the fuel-efficient processor will enable the design of the device thickness of only 8 mm, which can work all day with only one battery, and weeks will be in stand-by mode. However they did not mention how big would the battercy capacity be.

Redesigned core of these processors delivers much higher performance because it adopts an out-of-order instruction execution mode, until now reserved for the "big" processors such as Intel Core series, and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Same as Ivy Bridge processors, the Bay Trail will be made in the 22 nanometer technology and use 3D stacking of transistors.

Apparently we can expect them by the end of the year in a numerous quad-core Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 tablets.

[Ed - Although many aer out there predicting the death of the "PC" we do not see that even thought there both Intel and AMD are pushing for smaller and mroe mobile processors. Instead we see the PC evolving in a fairly predictable manner. We expect to see more and more CPUs that allow for longer work times (even when not connected to power) and still maintain enough power and speed to get the job done. Even with this we do not see the traditional "decktop" PC going anywhere any time soon...]

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