Thursday18 August 2022

Microsoft Lowers prices on Kinect by $40

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Looks like Microsoft is seriously trying to boost sales of their peripherals, they have announced their Essentials Pack (wireless gamepad, HDMI cable, remote control and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold) for $79.99. In addition they will also cut down the price on Kinect. This device that allows you to make your body a controller has become very popular in a last few years since Nintendo launched Wii, and this price drop is sure to attract more new customers to this type of gaming.

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The prices will not drop equally in every part of the world. Japan, Europe, Middle East and Africa apparently will not receive any sort of price cuts, but New Zealand and Australia can expect prices to drop on October 4th. The Americas and Asia Pacific regions will have a price drop today with the new price at $109.99. As usual prices are cut just before the holiday season in hope that kids will desire new consoles or at least additions to their console.

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Microsoft continues to have games developed specifically for Kinect, even some of the big name companies will be arriving in the next months. Beside a price drop, bringing in some big titles could make a nice improvement on Kinect/Xbox 360 sales, even though prices won’t drop in every region. Hopefully they will cut prices in the rest of the world soon, so everyone can afford themselves a piece of hardware for fun.

[Ed- We expected to see Microsoft start to drop prices as well as offer more bundles. They need to get more people interested in the Xbox 360 to make Windows 8/RT more attractive. We fully expect to see more bundles and discounts as we get closer to October 26th. We have already started to see offers of $15 upgrades to Windows 8 with the purchase of a laptop now and also the popular free Xbox with laptop purchase. Microsoft will be looking to sweeten the deals in order to make their proposed eco system work...]

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