Wednesday06 July 2022

Microsoft preparing real-time translator for Skype

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Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella announced that the company's popular program for text, voice and video communication will get a supplement in the form of a universal translator. Skype translator should, according to him, be available during the second half of this year in versions for Windows 8.

This new add-on for Skype should allow translation of voice communications in almost real time, thus allowing seamless communication between people who otherwise would not understand each other. In his speech at the Code conference Nadella mentioned how it is possible that the translator will not be free.

Currently this program works very well by translating between English and German, and before the official launch several other languages should also be supported. Making this possible for more languages will be essential to the success of this amendment, as Skype currently records about 300 million active users worldwide.

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