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Microsoft to invest $1 billion in Samsung

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Although Microsoft has received the green light for the complete takeover of Nokia, they are aware that there are users who prefer a particular brand when it comes to smart phones, and reluctantly turn into someone else's camp.

Samsung, so far worked with Microsoft on the developing smart phones with the Windows Phone operating system but they never managed to achieve impressive sales. Almost 90% of Windows Phone devices are covered solely by Nokia, while the other ten percent is shared between Samsung and other manufacturers.

These days, information has emerged that Microsoft offered Samsung a billion dollars to increase production of Windows Phone phones compared to Android phones. The information appeared in a form of tweet that was published by Eldar Murtazin, editor of Mobile Review. For now, Microsoft has not officially confirmed, nor denied these rumors.

[Ed - This rumor is not outside the realm of posibility. Microsoft, together with a few others, are attacking Google directly over Android. Between that and Samsung's desrire for a new OS for their phones, it is very possible that Microsoft would want to shift some development and ad money to Samsung to get them to move toward Windows Phone. What is unlikely is that Samsung would make this move. Samsung is enjoying sucess with thier Android lineup right now. Moving to Windows Phone would hurt their sales and bottom line. $1 Billion would only go so far to offsetting that cost.]

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