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MSI allows details of AMD's 7xxx series GPU roadmap to slip

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News_RUBY5_lrgSo the big news today is the release of AMD’s 7950 GPU. We are seeing a ton of reviews hit the internet covering everything from stock reference designs to stock cards with advanced cooling on them. The word so far is that the 7950 is a great card and can take on nVidia’s GTX 580 in most games. However, while everyone was busy reading up on AMD’s latest product to hit the gaming market someone at MSI let all of the details for AMD’s future GPU releases out to the press.

It seems that the next step in the 28nm lineup will be the Cape Verde which will hit the market around February 15th (just after Valentine’s so no luck on a geeky gift there). There will be two of these branded with the 7700 label. Each should have 1GB of ram and a clock speed of 900MHz the more powerful 7770 will have 896 of AMD’s generation next stream processors and the 7750 will feature 832. The prices for these should be less than $150.
After the mainstream cards there will be the x8xx series (78xx to be exact) these cards are just under the top end GPUs and will have some good performance per dollar ratios (if AMD keeps to tradition). The 7780 should have a nice 1408 stream processors while the 7850 will come in at 1280. The cards will come in under $300.

Of course all of this could be coincidence as AMD is looking to hand on to any lead they can. The more product they can get to market before rival nVidia does the better off they are. Especially given that nVidia’s Kepler for desktop is not even ready for distribution yet. AMD stands to eat up a large portion of nVidia’s market share in the desktop realm in the near term. Of course nVidia is fighting back in the mobile market where AMD is still weak.

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