Saturday01 April 2023

New Google Chrome update brings Reset button

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Google has released a new update of its browser Chrome 29, which will come to all users via the automatic update mechanism in the next day or two. If you do not want to wait - click on the menu and select "About Google Chrome" to start the upgrade manually.

The main news in this version include the addition of a button to reset the settings (hiding under Settings then Show advanced settings) that allows reset of all changes to the settings you have made. If you have done too much configurating, this option will take you back to a clean start. It will remove extensions too, but themes, apps, and bookmarks (and saved passwords and text forms) will remain intact. Omniboks has also been improved, which now in giving suggestions takes into consideration the frequency of visits to certain pages.
Mac users of this version will finally get advanced notification, what was for the version for Windows available for a couple of months already. Finally, a version for the Android OS provides initial support for the WebRTC protocl, which, among other things, enables video chat in the browser without plug-ins.

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