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NSA spreading malicious software

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According to new information provided to the media by Edward Snowden,  American National Security Agency (NSA) has set a malicious software into more than 50,000 computer networks of the world.

Dutch newspaper NRC published a presentation in which you can see where the NSA has set its malicious software that has a goal to steal confidential information. NRC cites the example of the British counterpart to the NSA, the Government Communications Headquarters agency /GCHQ), which was revealed while spreading malicious software to the target computer connected via Belgian telecom operator Belgacom from the fake LinkedIn profiles, all in order to gather information about telephone and data traffic of their users.
The NSA declined to comment on this information, noting that the publication of confidential information is harmful to national security.

[Ed - We are not surprised to see this and it actually fits with some things we have heard about corporations relasing poisoned images into torrent swarms and other sites to discourage downoads and to track people that are downloading copyright protected material. It seems this type of behavior is not just for the NSA anymore...]

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