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Saturday, 09 July 2011 16:02

The Asus Sabertooth P67 Part I - Design and Features Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
The P67 Sabertooth’s box has a look that goes with who it is being marketed to (that would be the enthusiast crowd looking to endurance and performance). The brushed metal look is intended to give an impression of solidity and toughness. Asus also made sure that you knew this is a B3 stepping product. Under the front flap we find the high lights. Asus wants you to know that they are putting a great deal of thought into these boards and have chosen components and features to match (in a way following another company we know). We will cover these items in the features section of the review.

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The back still has the same steel look too, like you are looking at a metal box. There is a color image of the Sabertooth and four additional images of what Asus feels are features that are of the most interest to potential buyers.

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Inside the box is a light haul of goodies in terms of real items but you get a large amount of documentation about the Sabertooth. There is a booklet describing the 5 year warranty available on this board along with the certificate that describes the testing that goes into the components. Most of these are military compliance tests (the tests that these parts have to pass to be in military equipment). Now I know the running joke is “never forget that your gear was made by the lowest bidder” but I can say that having been in the military before the electronics we used while slow, and very often bulky and ugly, hardly ever failed due to a component going bad. Asus has also included a special manual about the Thermal Radar application and Digi+ VRM system built into the Sabertooth.

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