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Jedi Survivor – The Quick, Dirty, and Limited Spoilers Review

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Game reviews are always fun things to do. I mean it is playing a game and then writing about anything you found while playing it (sounds like fun). The challenge comes from being objective in your writing Vs subjective. Something that I might personally dislike in a game might be the thing that makes a game fun for someone else. It is with that in mind that we bring you our first game review in years. We will be breaking the game down into a couple of areas, objective and subjective findings. So. Let’s kick this off with the fun part, the subjective part.

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  • Comment Link Jacob Friday, 19 May 2023 10:17 posted by Jacob

    Sean, this is a fantastic review of a beautiful game. I do agree with you on some of the game mechanics you mentioned as having to travel to a respawn point to change lightsaber stances was very annoying . As well as the obstacles which seemed almost forced to make quests longer -as that is something I would like to not have in a so called, Star Wars game as you mentioned. Other than that the game was enjoyable for me and I do feel Respawn went with the "safe" route storyline as I would have liked to fight against the empire a bit more. However, it was interesting to see certain aspects of Star Wars that we have only read or seen in comics. For example the transformation of a lightsaber color to red, or so called, "Bleeding" your saber. I also enjoyed venturing down the High Republic era as I am hoping Star Wars begins to stray a bit from the Skywalker saga and focus a bit more on the Old and High republic times when the Sith were at the highest. Basically before the Rule of 2 Sith "Law". Without mentioning to many spoilers, I do hope in the next game we are able to use Cal's "Embracement" that we were given toward the end of the game as at times it felt overpowered but also a fun way to slice through many enemies at once. Overall, I enjoyed reading your take on this game and am looking forward to Respawn completing the trilogy journey of our red headed Cal Kestis, while also buff down on the obstacles and leaping around. 10/10 review!


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