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Game reviews are always fun things to do. I mean it is playing a game and then writing about anything you found while playing it (sounds like fun). The challenge comes from being objective in your writing Vs subjective. Something that I might personally dislike in a game might be the thing that makes a game fun for someone else. It is with that in mind that we bring you our first game review in years. We will be breaking the game down into a couple of areas, objective and subjective findings. So. Let’s kick this off with the fun part, the subjective part.

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Andrew Wilson from Electronic Arts in a recent interview revealed the path which will be pursued in  the creation of future games based on the Star Wars franchise. Judging by Wilson, main role model in planning the future of Star Wars titles was set by Warner Bros. Interactive with famous film series Batman: Arkham.

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Patrick Soderlund from Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Star Wars: Battlefront is currently being developed by DICE's main department in Stockholm, which is also responsible for the famous and renowned Battlefield series. At the head of the project are Karl-Magnus Troedsson and Patrick Bach, and DICE's is extremely pleased that they have finally been chosen for the development of Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:27

EA getting ready for a new Star Wars game


From Electronic Arts came the news about the recent opening of a new R&D departments in Los Angeles. It was confirmed that the department DICE LA will be responsible for creation of games from the famous Star Wars franchise. DICE LA has already gathered developers from Danger Close development house, which is responsible for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Karl-Magnus Troedsson of DICE acknowledges that by year-end department in Los Angeles will have sixty employees.

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Electronic Arts has announced that they have signed a new multi-year exclusive contract that gives them the right to create and publish new games based on the characters and the story of Star Wars. How is this announcement important for Electronic Arts is best illustrated by the signature of Frank Gibeaua, EA Labels boss who does not hide his enthusiasm with the acquired license. „The magic of Star Wars is interwoven into the worlds, characters, planets and amazing battles. It is a universe that lends itself perfectly to gaming. Our agreement unlocks a whole new future of Star Wars games that will span consoles, PCs, tablets, mobile and more“ he said.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 21:53

Star Wars Episode... 7?

Star Wars

A fan of the 'Force'? Well, you now have reason to rejoice! Or maybe to shudder. Disney has bought out Lucas Films, giving them exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise. They paid about 4 billion dollars to acquire Lucas Films. With George Lucas, the founder, having retired from the film making business, having a large firm such as Disney carry on the work was one of the few options for fans ever seeing new Star Wars content.

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