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Several malfunctioning PS4 consoles reported

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A small number of PlayStation 4 consoles which were sent ahead of the official launch appear to be malfunctioning, and users on forums and portals complained about the problems with HDMI ports.

Two such announcement came from reviewers from IGN and Kotakua, of which the first one was reported by Kotaku's Stephen Totlio saying that the first PS4 that the editorial staff received from the store did not work as it should, after all the teams had fun with the test specimens without difficulty. Similar problems have been reported by IGN employees and two users from Reddit who won their consoles on sweepstakes, and whose console after turning on did not respond or send a signal to the TV.

Sony soon after the occurrence of these experiences reported that they are investigating the problem and tried to calm the players saying that the number of reported problems in relation to the number of consoles shipped to date is very small.

[Ed- Having hardware issues right out of the gate is not a good thing for Sony as they try to out pace Microsoft. Right now it does not seem that the issue is very widespread, but that might not make a differece to gamers who just want their hardware to work...]

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