Tuesday04 October 2022

Sony's hybrid gamepad

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If you are a fan of Sony and their gamepads, there is some good news coming for you. With their Move controller that is becoming more and more popular as similar technologies are used across all other platforms too (Wii, Xbox kinect), they plan to introduce a new controller that will be the best of both. Sony has apparently successfully merged their standard DualShock gamepad with the somewhat newer Move and came up with a whole new controller.

Sony has patented the DualShock/Move gamepad. It is sort of a combination of two control devices intended for Sony's PlayStation 3. The whole thing is named the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller. From the illustrations related with Sony's patent it's clearly evident that the gamepad can be separated into two independent  Move controllers.
Sony registered this new controller in May last year. For now, it is uncertain if the separable Hybrid motion controller is designed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 or maybe the long awaited successor to Sony's home console. The most important thing is that buyers will finally be able to buy one gamepad and have Move included, so you dont have to buy 3 separate controllers any more; it will all be included in one. If Sony really pushes this out, it would be nice if the competiton would follow them, making consoles even more affordable and attractive to consumers.

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