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SoundHound catching up with Shazam

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Don’t you just hate it when you hear a song on the radio or in a mall and you would like to listen to it later but you don’t know what it's called? Well Shazam is the most popular smartphone app that helps you with that, having approximately 250 million people that use it. But they have some decent competition in SoundHound. The SoundHound team decided to respond to Shazam’s bragging about the numbers and revealed that they have over 100 million users that have download their app. Even though Shazam is in the lead by more than 2 times, this is still a respectable number. Shazam is currently on around 30% of the devices, including both Android and iOS.

Soundhound started in 2010 and reached their first 50 million users after a year and a half, but the second 50 million came in under a year. If this trend continues Shazam had better look out. The important thing to notice is that SoundHound came with their announcement of 100 million users right after Shazam, probably to remind them that they are here and won’t go away that easy. They have an average of 200,000 downloads per day on Android and iOS. They even had a day with a 1 million peak and that looks very promising for them. Their biggest advantages are that they are preloaded on all HTC Android devices, service is completely free, removing query limit, and probably the most important having former Shazam's VP of Business Development, Katie Mcmahon to the staff.

Mcmahon said that the success of the app is purely due to its technology, mostly because the Sound2Sound technology that replaces old Sound to Text. He also said that they are planning to make partnerships with advertisers to help them grow even more, just as Shazam did before. With so many features like song recognition, instant lyric display, music downloading and playback, integration with Twitter and Facebook it can only prosper even more.

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