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Yesterday we wrote about a disturbing flaw in some D-Link routers that allow for a malicious individual to access it without a username or password. Shortly after we published the article we were reminded that this flaw does not just exist in D-Link hardware, but is also present in devices from many other companies that have SOHO and Residential products. The string for each might be different and in some cases harder to gain access to, but it is there.

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Remember the issue with IP Cameras where users were able to by-pass security and view camera input all thanks to a flaw in the way the internal webserver was setup? Well it looks like a similar flaw is showing up in some D-Link routers. The first news of the flaw popped up on a blog dedicated to hacking embedded devices. The post was interesting in that it followed the same pattern used for the hack that allowed access to a number of IP cameras.

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