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Thursday, 08 August 2013 20:25

Will the Ubuntu Edge ever be made?

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A hefty sum of $32 million was asked by Mark Shuttleworth from good people of the Internet, in order to make their phone Ubuntu Edge. If you are one of those who have paid money for the campaign, it seems that the phone will never see the light of the day and you should get your money back.

Campaign for Ubuntu Edge started explosively and if it kept the same pace, they would probably collected at least twice the estimated amount. However, although in the first 24 hours the collected sum was $3.45 million, for up to 7 million it took a week. Even a week later, the amount was stuck at 8.4 million, which is definitely not enough for success and too much of a slowdown for a campaign to have a chance.

Until now raising of the money was really impressive, but the vast limits set by the Canonical were simply unattainable for expensive and experimental phone. Spicy price of over $780 is definitely not an opportunity to ensure that many will rush into it without thinking, no matter how impressive the characteristics are. This devices was intended to come to the market in a very limited capacity, but it looks like there was not enough of the customers with deeper pockets and sufficient interest in mobile technology to push this project.

Given that Mark Shuttleworth has a personal fortune of at least $500 million, rumors started with the idea that the owner of Canonical could take on the financing of the project, but next to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone costs of promotion and development of new platform are of a questionable profitability.

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