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Reckz0r Returns After a Week Off With a Hack of 79 Banks

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Reckz0r01About five days ago a hacker that goes by the name of Reckz0r kicked off a new group called SpexSec which created quite a stir. We talked about the group’s appearance and just as sudden disappearance. They showed up made three dumps of data and after a short exchange with someone on Twitter all three of the SpexSec members announced their retirements.

At the time we called this out for what it was. The language of the “retirements” was very similar to Hex00010’s posted “retirement” message. They all suddenly claimed to have seen the error of their ways and were becoming a “white hat”. Checking out Reckz0r’s twitter page he refers to himself as a grey hat. This title is accurate as most of the hacks that we have been able to find are intended to point out lax security in places that are responsible for keeping your information safe.

Well Reckz0r is back in action as he has just dumped a sample of data from over 79 banks that he has been targeting for over 90 days. The dump is a small subset of over 50GB of data (according to some reports). He has also withheld credit card data. Oddly enough the pastebin says that Visa and MasterCard were hacked, but Reckz0r claims it was not Visa or MasterCard directly, but the 79 banks he talks about. He actually lists Chase by name on hit Twitter page.
Do we think that Reckz0r is done with his campaign to show how insecure most corporations are? Not likely; we also do not buy the “Curiosity & Challenge” reasons listed for the hack and dump. To us this looks a lot like someone point out (again) what they have already mentioned to these companies.

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