US District Court Judge Denise Cotes has finally come back with her recommendations for Apple’s consequences in the eBook Price Fixing case. Her recommendations have met with mixed feelings from both sides (even those that feel that Apple was guilty). Most Apple fans seem to feel that this is far too harsh a punishment and that Apple did nothing wrong by brokering contracts that changed the pricing model for the entire eBook industry. Those that agree with the guilty verdict feel that the recommendations do not go far enough to change Apple’s behavior.


After a numerous announcements during the filming of the movie about Steve Jobs, tons of praise and all the hype, in the end it seems that the whole project was not successful.

Friday, 09 August 2013 15:08

Board of directors unhappy with Tim Cook


Arthur Levinson, Al Gore, Bill Campbell and other members of the board of directors of Apple are not completely satisfied with the work Tim Cook has done so far, and he was appointed as a CEO because exactly those people were confident that he was the right man to take Jobs place. Poor performance of Apple and decline in value of the shares from around $700 to around $500 certainly wont help with the unpleasant situation at the top  of the company.


According to some financial media, the recent decline in shares of Microsoft for 11 percent, made Steve Ballmer a very unhappy person who is obviously not able to curb the situation that one of the largest technology giants is in today.

Sunday, 23 June 2013 20:18

Official “Jobs” trailer


Biographical film about Steve Jobs, titled simply "Jobs" will premiere on the 16th August. This was posted on the official Facebook page of the film, where the official trailer for this movie was firstly announced yesterday.


We have been following the Apple price fixing trial over the last few weeks and have been very interested in some of the coverage that has been coming out. One of the biggest things that we have noticed is a tendency from nay press outlets to try and skirt over the issues. In particular many news sites are more than willing to completely absolve Apple of all guilt simply because the most damning emails the DoJ is using were draft emails from Steve Jobs. What is unusual about this is that many of these same sites were not willing to do the same During the Samsung V Apple trial (and also the Intel Anti-Trust case). It begs the question; why does Apple get the free pass? Still press bias or bad reporting aside the fact that these emails are drafts is really irrelevant. They show knowledge or and/or intent to set prices and force them onto a competitor.

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With all of the articles talking about life after the PC we were surprised to hear that Foxconn is looking at life after Apple. Apple is an interesting company with a rocky history their two founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both very talented at what they did and that combination managed to help the fledgling consumer PC market take off. However it was not that long before both of the founders were no longer with the company and it was being run by a business man instead of anyone with vision or personality. That business man tried to embark on a legal campaign to kill off rival Microsoft with not only failed, but also came close to bankrupting Apple.


As most of you are already aware Apple has built a very interesting corporate mythology that has allowed them to have a massive impact on the consumer electronics market. While we will not go so far as to say they did this with other people’s ideas it has become more and more clear that Apple as a company followed the lead of Steve Jobs. Jobs admitted more than once that he used other peoples’ ideas as inspiration and is on video repeating a borrowed quote the past. This quote, interestingly enough, has been attributed to many people including Pablo Picasso, T.S. Eliot, Henry Ford, and more.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 13:34

Apple and the Big Lie


Back when I was working as a photographer, a friend of mine had a funny name for weddings: The Big Lie. He said that there was nothing worse than two people standing up in front of “God and everyone” and lying to one other’s faces like that. Of course, Wedding shoots were one of his most profitable sessions, so he did not let this interfere with making money. It is this money that motivates many companies to lie to the consumer. It was certainly a motivator when Apple told its Big Lie to the world about their innovations for the iPhone, iPad, and many other products.


We all have heard that someone broke in and stole property from the house of the late Steve Jobs. Although the act was deplorable it later came to light the thief that took upwards of $60,000 in property (according to insurance estimates) did not even know whose house he was breaking into. Instead he happily took his ill-gotten gains and proceeded to try and turn them into money. From what we are hearing most of the products have been recovered and the thief is in jail.