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36 different endings in Witcher 3

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Adam Badowski and Michal Platkow Gilewski have recently discovered that Witcher 3 hides even 36 different endings. Specifically, it's about 36 different states in which the world of Witcher 3 will remain after you complete the game. The game closely monitors all the choices of players, so that they will be able to more carefuly see the impact at the end of the game, even of those less important decisions.

From the CD Projekt say that it is indeed a complex game and the story in the game has so many ways that simply requires a larger number of endings. Badowski and Platkow Gilewski for portal Polygon confirmed that the open world in Witcher 3 is about 35 times bigger than that in the Witcher 2 and that for a thorough investigation of all facilities will be needed more than 100 hours of gameplay.

It seems that approximately equal part of the game will be reserved for the main campaign and the extensive network of secondary quests. Witcher 3 is in preparation for the PC and PlayStation 4, but it seems that both these platforms will be connected. Specifically, CD Projekt did not reveal too many details about the whole thing, but it seems that the campaign you started on PC will be possible to finish on the PlayStation 4.

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