Saturday25 March 2023

Apple once again reinvents things that have been around for several years

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If you were getting worried about the fact that Apple has not published another patent in a last few weeks, fear not, because they have done just that. This week the U.S. Patent Office published two patent applications submitted in October 2012, which relate to unlocking system of iPhone and iPad devices through gestures.

Although such a system exists on Android devices since the 2008, Apple has an idea how to improve it, and then of course they want their idea patented. According to them, unlock via gestures would be more adaptable to the user, who would create at its sole discretion graphical elements on screen and then connect them with a particular gesture. Users will be able to define additional characteristics such as lesser or greater tolerance to human precision with the input gestures. It will be even able to record acceleration in movement of the finger around the screen and breaks in gesture recognition to unlock , and it would be possible to incorporate invisible points that should be connected.

Despite extensive description and application for such a patent, it is not clear whether it will ever see the light of day on Apple devices, since the company is expected to continue with the implementation of a reliable Touch ID system in an increasing number of devices.

Is anyone really surprised about this?

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