Monday15 August 2022

GeForce GTX 780 Ti available

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Nvidia has finally officially unveiled the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, the new company's top of the range and currently the fastest available graphics card based on a single GPU. The graphics processor is GK110, well known from the Titan and the "ordinary" GTX 780.

But Nvidia is now delivering a fully unlocked version GK110 with 2880 CUDA cores and 240 texture units and 48 ROPs. Three gigabytes of GDDR5 graphics memory running at an effective clock speed of up 7 GHz, and GPU is connected via 384-bit bus. High clock speed memory is credited with a bandwidth of 336 GB/s, while the GPU runs at standard speeds of 875 or 928 MHz in Boost mode. The card is based on the same PCB as the existing GTX 780, which includes a cooling system, while the additional power is secured via one 6 and one 8-pin power connector.
There is also standard support for PCI Express 3.0 bus, 4-way SLI and two DVI and one DisplayPort and HDMI video connector. Nvidia customers are also given the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and a coupon for a discount of $100 to purchase a portable console Nvidia Shield. The recommended price of GeForce GTX 780 Ti is $699.99, about $150 more than the AMD's Radeon R9 290X.

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