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Intel Could Launch Haswell-E in September

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Right after the launch of the Haswell Refresh named Devil’s Canyon we are starting to hear the rumors about Haswell-E CPUs. The going rumor now is that Intel will drop this new CPU complete with DDR4 support in September of this year (2014). If this is true that means we will see some new boards as well. We have been hearing about the X99 chipset for a while now and we might see another repeat of the “leak” that we saw with the Z97. We just wonder which partner will do the leaking this time.

The timing in interesting as Intel launched the Ivy Bridge E CPUs around the same time last year, which could indicate an update cycle for Intel’s top consumer/workstation CPU. The models that could be released (if the rumor is true) are the Core i7-5960X, 5930K and the 5820K. The top end guy (59060X) will have eight cores and hyper threading in addition to quad channel DDR4 support.

Other nice features in the 5960X will be 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 20MB of L3 cache and a clock speed of 3GHz. This is a little bit of a step down from the current speed of Ivy Bridge E CPUs and even from the 5930K which has a default speed of 3.5GHz. TDP for these is expected to be around 140Watts.

Again all of this is rumor and speculation at this time and the leaked images at VR-Zone might not be accurate. We do know that Intel is making the leap to DDR4 with their Xeon CPUs and this is sure to be in the process for the desktops. We even saw a DDR4 system running in the Kingston booth at CES this year. All we can do now is wait to see what goodies we get and hope that the release really is mid-September like the rumors are claiming.


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