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iPod Shuffle, Nano, Touch, Earpods, Lightning connector...

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So now that we are done with new iPhone let’s see what else Apple has got for us. Two things will be together for all of their products, new earphones called “Earpods” and a new connector. Lightning, the name of the new dock connector, will use an all-digital 8-signal design and will be able to be connected either side up. This means you won’t have to look for that squared symbol anymore on your cord. It is also 80% smaller than the old 30-pin connector and Apple has stated that it has improved durability. There will also be an adapter for the 30-pin connector. Apple said that one of the reasons for making this connector was to make more space inside the case.

The new earphones, or as they like to call them Earpods, are pretty much the same as we saw in leaked pictures that ran around the internet. They are completely redesigned and made to fit the geometry of the ear better. Why are they not earphones? Well because they don’t seal the ear channel, and allow the air to flow through. If you don’t know much about acoustics, sound is basically created by vibrations in the air, and to get better sound quality it is best to provide decent air flow. Of course that is just one of the factors in making good audio equipment. They will be available for shipping today as a stand-alone product and can be purchased for $29 via the Apple store, there are ones on eBay already, but they cost $60, good luck with selling that pal.
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Lastly we have the new iPods. Apple presented a new iPod Touch and Nano. This is the 5th generation iPod Touch and they took everything from the iPhone 4 put it into the iPod Touch. The new Touch will have a 326ppi 4-inch Retina display and a brushed aluminum design. It will run on dual-core A5 processor and will feature a 5 Mpix camera with flash. It will be able to record 1080p full HD video, and with the new iSight system it will be able to capture panoramic pictures and work in dynamic low light modes. As far as dimensions are concerned, it's 25% thinner than the previous model. Also they said that battery life is increased so you can listen to over 40 hours of music and 8 hours of continuous video. It will be available in 5 different colors for $299 (32GB) and 399$ (64GB), also they cut the price on the previous models by $50.
The Renanoed (ancient Microsoft word for refreshed) iPod Nano will be available soon and it will also come in new colors. It will be the smallest Nano so far, but it will have bigger screen that is also touch sensitive. As all the other devices it's the thinnest so far, only 5.4mm making it a decrease of 38% comparing to the previous model. It has typical Apple home button, and side buttons for play, pause, forward, back and +/- volume. It will be available for preorder on September 14, and will ship in October. You will have to pay $149 for 16GB model. Besides all this news the Shuffle also got new fancy colors and will be selling for $49 (2GB model).

[Ed – The “new” iPod Nano Looks a lot like the older Sony YP-P2 from back in 2007 and also bears a striking resemblance to Nokia’s Lumia. As we said in our article yesterday about what this launch could mean to Apple we see another indication of the difference between what Apple claims and what reality is. The RDF (Reality Distortion Field) that Steve Jobs could project has been cracking for a while, but the cracks are getting larger. Apple is not doing much that is new for any of their devices, but are still asking everyone to believe that each new launch bring innovative and revolutionary products to the market. ]

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