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PayPal says enough to users who want to sue them

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As they have experienced a lot of problems with their users, PayPal decided to put an end to it. Many PayPal users get annoyed and sue them for holding funds under review for no reason even making changes to user accounts without their permission. A few days ago PayPal decided to change that and updated their policy, so now users must mail in an “opt out” form if they want to keep the ability to sue PayPal in case something goes wrong.

They obviously feel that most of users are just too lazy to send this form by email and hopefully for them it will be enough to at least decrease the number of suits against them. This is certainly one of most deliberate moves from a company to protect itself from users. It looks like they know that their decisions are not completely normal and that they are aware that users have the necessary reasons to sue them. If you want to opt out you should send an email before November 1st and with it, keep your right to press charges against PayPal in case they do something irregular.

The letter “must state that you do not agree to this Agreement to Arbitrate and must include your name, address, phone number, and the email address(es) used to log in to the PayPal account(s) to which the opt-out applies. You must sign the Opt-Out Notice for it to be effective.” If you use PayPal be sure to read its new policy as it's concerning your money and you can never pay enough attention to it.

[Ed – We will continue to remind people about this to be sure that everyone has the chance to “Opt Out” of this ridiculous amendment. We have had more than one run in with PayPal over the years and on more than one occasion we came close to hiring a lawyer to deal with the issue. In the end the threat of that was enough to get PayPal to take corrective action. Maybe if PayPal actually followed the rules they claim they would not be in the situation they are… ]

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