Saturday28 January 2023

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It seems that Phillips does not want you to use their hue application with just anyone.  If you are not aware, hue is a system that allows you to control special light bulbs. You can turn them on and off, adjust the temp (color) and much more. To some this sounds like a great idea, and it is pretty cool. However, after a recent firmware update some people are finding that they are no longer able to use hue with just any light bulb.

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western-digital_logoWestern Digital is expanding their product line. The Hard Drive maker (and maker of home media players) has decided to attempt to dive into the home networking market. To do this they are introducing a new line of routers called My Net. According to Western Digital My Net is designed to optimize the viewing of online streaming media services and online gaming.

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untitledThe secret is out; Microsoft wants to own your whole home with their devices at the center of your connected living space. Of course, this is nothing new. I can remember talking with Microsoft about the “digital home” in 2007 and before. At the time they were looking to build the blocks needed to create an entire (and viable) ecosystem for the home and the enterprise. Of course back then most of Microsoft was still trying to find ways to keeps users data in their own hands. This is something that has changed (because it is not a money maker), but the original concept has remained the same.

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