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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 22:45

Apple gets a patent for NFC, or something like that

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Isn’t it nice when you can share something with other smartphone users just by tapping your phones together? Well, if we consider the popularity that near field technology is getting it could be the “go-to” close range sharing technology. So far it's mostly found on Android devices, but Apple won’t sit idle on this one. Now they were given a patent on technology similar to what is already available with NFC but apparently different enough. It looks like the smartphone war is just warming up.

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Apple unsurprisingly has launched another attempt at banning a product they see as a threat and so are trying to use the same tired old line that claims Phone X is a “copycat” This time they are going after the Galaxy Nexus. Now this is a phone that looks nothing like any of the iPhones in size, shape or anything else for that matter. Even the icons are different. Still Apple uses the claim that it is a copycat of the iPhone. We are not even sure how this is still being allowed in US courts. The simple fact of the matter here is that Apple has become an overzealous patent troll. What makes this even worse is that their patents in most cases are predated by significant prior art and patents owned by other people.

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