Sunday05 February 2023

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07One thing that you can never seem to have enough of is storage. As more and more people store large image files, movies, music (I know a few that have over 3 TB of music!) it is even more critical. Now when you are back at home and have access to your desktop, a network attached Storage product etc there is no problem. The question is how do you move this data around with you when you are on the road and space on your laptop/slate is at a premium? The simple answer is some sort of small external storage. Fortunately there is no shortage of companies that make these. We have taken a look at our fair share of them; from external HDDs, to mini USB flash drives. Today we have a new product on the test bench. This is the 32GB DataTravler Ultimate G2 from Kingston. Nothing to get excites about right? Well this one might change your mind. The DT Ultimate is a USB 3.0 drive that boasts of read speeds over 100MB/s. So let’s see if the DT Ultimate can really do that the Marketing guys at Kingston say it can

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