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The concept of wireless display is not a new one. Many designs and devices have been built to give the ability to connect to a display without the need for long cables strung across the floor. The idea has caught on in many sectors of the market so much that both AMD and Intel have their own built-in wireless display APIs (and hardware subsystems). Most of these are built into newer mobile products, which means that if you are trying to connect a desktop or another device without WiDi (wireless display) already built in you are out of luck. Fortunately for all of us someone came up with the bright idea of combining the USB display concept with WiDi to deal with that little issue. We are taking a look at one of these today in the form of the Diamond V-Stream WPCTVPRO USB 1080p Wireless Display adapter.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 20:14

HTC's J Butterfly comes with 1080p


For a long time there have been rumors flowing around the internet about who would make the first smartphone with a screen capable of FullHD resolution. Some of the rumored manufacturers were Sony, HTC and LG, which are among the first to release a 5-inch FullHD panel but not the device. From all this you could only find a variety of different tests and pictures showing some HTC devices. Now it is finally official, HTC has announced its 5-inch FullHD device in Japan.

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