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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 13:33

Google buys up AI company DeepMind...

British start-up DeepMind became a part of Google, for which the search giant paid about 400 million US dollars. Thus, this company became financially Google's largest acquisition so far carried out in Europe.

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Monday, 27 January 2014 15:22

Rockstar wins against Huawei

Chinese Huawei made a deal with the patent consortium Rockstar to avoid a lawsuit for unauthorized use of patents. This is the first of eight device manufacturers with Android which has decided he does not want to be involved in a lawsuit.

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Monday, 27 January 2014 15:10

Google rewards Chrome OS hackers

In March of this year during the CanSecWest security conference, fourth consecutive Pwnium competition organized by Google will take place. The aim of the competition is to find vulnerabilities in the Chrome OS, and gather and reward hackers who found mistakes that will not be used in criminal purposes, but their knowledge will help Google to build a more secure operating system. Terms of winning cash prizes are pretty strict, which means that to win the award, founder's failure must be original, which means it must not be previously known or partially published or used in other competitions.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 15:26

Motorola plans to make $50 smartphone

According to the latest information coming from the Motorola's Dennis Woodside, they are currently preparing plans for the first budget smartphone.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 15:10

Android faces the most malware attacks

Cisco has released the latest report in which they presented the results of research on malware on mobile platforms.

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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 21:48

Google receives huge support for their VP9 codec

Google's video codec VP9 at the beginning of 2014 received the necessary hardware support that will help him further in conquering the market. All major manufacturers will soon add support for VP9 codec. Among others these are ARM, Broadcom, Intel, LG, Marvell, MediaTek, Nvidia, Panasonic, Philips, Qualcomm, RealTek, Samsung, Sigma, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. So far, the codec was supported mainly on Web browsers Chrome and Firefox, and some video players.

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Friday, 03 January 2014 22:55

New Chromebook from Samsung

According to the latest information coming from Korean sources close to Samsung, early in 2014 we will get a new model of Samsung Chromebook.

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 09:44

Android to collaborate with Audi

Google intends to expand the influence of Android on automotive infotainment systems, navigation and multimedia. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has agreed to cooperate with the Audi around the development of automotive infotainment systems based on the Android operating system.

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Monday, 30 December 2013 06:31

Google strikes back against Rockstar

Google began their defense from Rockstar. They claim that Android does not infringe patents for which they are targeted by patent consortium  Rockstar who is backed by giants like Microsoft and Apple. According to Rockstar, Android violates several patents for which they are claiming the rights, and besides Google in the lawsuit, there are seven of the company's partners, including Samsung and HTC.

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Friday, 20 December 2013 16:25

Google Glass to use a Wink to capture images

With the latest software update for Google Glass, tagged as XE12, Google introduced several novelties. To make easier for users to trigger images at any time, they added the ability to Glass so that the user can simply wink and give a command to take a picture.

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