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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 20:31

Better connections between Gmail and Drive


It looks like Google will be improving on the connection between two of their prime services; Gmail and Google Drive. Although it is not a revolutionary feature it makes it easier to use Gmail, or send a (large) file via e-mail. The files from Drive can be sent as "attachments" e-mail (not actually a word about attachments, but the links to the files on the Drive), access to files from Google Drive in the future will be available in Gmail via special buttons “Insert files using Drive.” The mentioned button should appear in the interface of Gmail over the next few days.

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News_manstealingdataTwo days ago we wrote an article that stated quite plainly that confidence in cloud services is actually beginning to fade as security and privacy concerns mount. At the time we talked very briefly about one of the leading reasons for the push to the cloud. That is “ownership” of your data in all of its forms. We are not just talking about files here though. We are talking about ALL of your data. This includes companies like Facebook, Google, Bing, and more. They want your information because it is worth money to them.

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Microsoft_Office_LogoUnderstandably the news has been filled with information on Google’s new product. We have heard about their typical tendency to copy and paste their terms of service along with how it is going to kill Dropbox and other storage providers. Along with these we have even heard how Google drive is signaling the death of Microsoft Office… ummm hang on a bit there. The death of what?

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GoogleThere is a huge amount of traffic on Google’s new Google drive cloud storage system. There are predictions from “they will kill Drop Box and Sky Drive” to it will fail. So this is pretty much your average launch of a new Google product. One of the things that has made the rounds yesterday we were not surprised by (and frankly are shocked that other media outlets are surprised by this), this is the terms of service that seem to indicate that anything you put on Google drive belongs to Google.

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