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The Google Play Store is and has always been something of a playground for mobile malware groups. Over the past few years hundreds of malicious apps have been uncovered with tens of thousands of downloads. Everything from banking malware to information stealers and worse has been identified in the store. Google, to their credit, has tried to find a solution to this. The problem is that the mobile device theater is about as secure as the PC industry was in the late 90s given the shovel ware from mobile device makers, and then carriers.

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As mobile devices continue to be a focus for attackers, we are hearing that there is new banking malware in the Google Play Store. The new malware belongs to a the SharkBot family and, according to researchers, is also a new generation thanks to included features found inside. The biggest difference between SharkBot and other banking malware is that SharkBot allows the developers to steal money in a highly automated fashion.

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Kaspersky Lab has issued an annual report for 2012. This report presents some interesting statistics about malicious software that have marked the past year. The data that was analyzed by the well-known antivirus company using KSN system in the cloud (Kaspersky Security Network) to detect and collect information about attacks, points to more interesting things.

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-43 days. That is how long Windows 8 lasted before a major malware tool was released for it Windows 8 is not even official and there is already a major exploit kit that covers it. Earlier today cyber criminals announced the launch of Black Hole 2. The original exploit kit was used in more than a few pieces of malware since it first was launched in Beta format in late 2010. The exploit kit is offered in almost like a cloud service (which brings us back to irony). You have to lease access to it so you can develop your malware. The pricing is pretty with a year lease going for only $1500. Despite the success of this exploit kit, like all enterprises you must grow or die.

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