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In what could be called a fantastic move, global law enforcement agencies attacked and took down LockBit’s infrastructure. The day of the event was filled with much celebration on X (Twitter) LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere. The memes flowed freely and even the usual naysayers could not dampen the enthusiasm over this significant event. Especially since it all appears to have been due to an unpatched vulnerability in PHP 8.x.

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A recent incident where ChatGPT users at Samsung unknowingly exposed sensitive data via ChatGPT has raised concerns in multiple industries. The banking and finance industry saw several companies put a stop on the use of ChatGPT and certain regulators began investigating how its use could leak PII, or other financial information. To combat this new obstacle to business adoption, Microsoft is looking to offer a private business model which would exclude user input from being used to train the LLM.

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Although not a new story the recent revelations around the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) data breach are very important. This incident is one of those times when you can either learn an important lesson, or you can ignore it and walk into a much bigger shitshow. The outcome of this one is something that only time will tell, but it is not something that anyone should just ignore.

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