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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 21:53

Apple Supplier Facing Heat over Chinese Labor


Pegatron, one of Apples suppliers, is facing heat over the working conditions in its factories in China.  Some of the 86 alleged violations include failing to pay wages, mandatory overtime, and insufficient worker training. The full 60 page report by New York based China Labor Watch can be read here.

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If you want to talk about something frightening how does being able to crash a plane with little more than an Android Smartphone sound? This scenario that is right out of a movie script is apparently all too possible as was demonstrated at a talk by Hugo Teso. Teso who has 11-years of experience in IT and 12 as a commercial pilot combined what he knows about both fields and came up with a way to hack a plane.

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Remember the “exploding” Samsung Galaxy S III? Well it turns out that the phone did not do that all by itself. Samsung (unlike a few other companies) asked an independent company to investigate the report. The investigation company was Fire Investigations UK. They took a look at the phone and other S III phones in an attempt to determine what the cause of the damage was.

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