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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 21:45

Sony releases new PS3 and PlayStation Plus for Vita


Today was a busy day at Sony; they announced new models of their old PS3 console. However, since no new console will be coming out soon they decided to boost the old model. Just to be clear, old doesn’t mean that it's bad. So users now will have a 250GB model bundled with Uncharted 3 for $270, and a 500GB model that comes with Assassin's Creed III later in October. The 250GB model will be available on September 25th. Besides the GOTY edition of Uncharted 3, buyers will also get a $30 voucher to spend on title Dust 514. The PAL version of the new PS3 will be a little bit different while 500GB model remains the same the 250GB will come as a 12GB flash memory model. Users that buy the 250GB model will be able to upgrade the console to HDD, but at the expense of losing 12GB of internal storage along the way.

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