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Ubuntu for tablets

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Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth personally presented the new Ubuntu OS dedicated to tablets. The first tablet with the new OS that will be available for visitors to try it out should come to the upcoming MWC 2013 show in Barcelona. According to what has been shown, the operating system is very similar to the recently introduced Ubuntu OS based on Linux for smart phones, with one dramatic difference. OS for the tablet is able to run two applications simultaneously, so you would say that it is characterized by multitasking

Canonical calls it "multi-tasking Mojo", and there is also a very interesting screen for logging that works like the LightDM login manager for Ubuntu desktop computers, and allows multiple accounts, including those for the guests.

As with Ubuntu for phones, all four edges of the screen are used to perform required task, so the operating system does not need any buttons, which is also different from other OS's. Another feature of the new OS is that users of Ubuntu OS for desktop computers have the option of selecting the necessary commands for a specific situation directly from HUD.

This function is also added to Ubuntu for tablets, with the difference that it can be activated by voice. Suppose you are watching a movie and say "darken", which will cause a translucent tape with option to fade/lighten the image to appear and it automatically starts to dim the screen. Unfortunately, Canonical has not presented a single tablet that will have Ubuntu pre-installed, but they are probably still negotiating with many manufacturers so maybe they are keeping some trump cards for the MWC.

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