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HTC making comeback to tablet market?

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By the end of 2012 HTC will try to place new device on the tablet market in cooperation with Chinese manufacturer Pegatron Technology. After they failed to make significant sales with their 7“ Flyer and 10.1“ Jetstream tablets there is a lot of suspicion about the potential success of this idea. Also HTC tablets were not included in the first wave of production partners for Microsoft's Windows RT tablets, making it even more risky. The main reason for bad sales was probably a price that was too much compared to performance.

HTC rejected an offer from Google for co-development of the Nexus 7 tablet because they were not interested in making tablets targeting $199-249 segment. Google decided to turn to Asustek Computer and joint launched dual-brand Nexus 7. After the Nexus 7 achieved great success HTC decided to make a move. Ongoing talks with Pegatron are a sign that they will probably pay more attention to adjusting their price strategy to successfully compete with other big vendors like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, etc.

HTC is still evaluating the size of the new tablet, will it be a 7“ or 10“ model, and it is certain that the device will be Android based due to the rejection from Microsoft.  It is also rumored that the tablet will have a 32 GB SSD disk, and 1280x720 display. Some claim that it will run on a Tegra 2 processor and have 2GB of RAM. After Pegatron received orders from HTC about a week ago this is a confirmation that they will fulfill them and give a chance for HTC to make a comeback in the tablet market.

[Ed – we have a feeling that the use of a Tegra 2 SoC might be inaccurate as most 10-inch or even 7-inch tablets are going to run on Tegra 3. We have also heard that HTC has picked up nVidia and their Tegra 3 for new Smartphones so using these in their tablets is not too much of a stretch. We also are not sure if HTC will push this to the US market considering the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple in the US. We have a feeling that the US consumer will suffer in the months to come as companies outside the US may simply stop selling directly in the US to avoid Apple and their patents. We have seen this in the past where the US electronics market misses out on cutting edge technology simply because of the way the US system tends to prop up one company or another. For years it was the auto industry and now it is Apple at least when the US government was protecting the auto industry the cars were made in the US unlike all of Apple’s products that are made in China.]

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