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Razer's Christine Lacks OEM support and May Never See Daylight

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It looks like Razer’s attempt to push into the PC market is not going exactly as planned. After showing off Project Christine at CES 2014 they are now admitting that they did not anticipate some of the complications they have run into. One of these comes from the fact that Christine is nowhere near ready to hit the streets. Razer is blaming OEMs for this issue, but in reality it is probably not completely their fault.

Right now OEMs are going to build for the most common form factor and that is not Christine. Christine needs products that can fit into a very specific modular format. This is not something that many OEMs are going to want to dive into while the PC market (even the DIY market) is a little stagnant. There is no reason to build for a single vertical when the products they are making now fit.

We are not sure why Razer did not see this one coming when they were envisioning Christine.  In the end the failure of Christine is not on OEMs for building to the most common form factor, but n Razer for thinking that this new format would really fly. Even if they could get one OEM on their side it would not be enough for this to get off the ground.

It is sad that Razer did not take this into account, but that is the way that thing happen. Perhaps if they were a little more flexible in the way they designed Christine there would be a way to make this work without the need for OEMs to redesign their components.

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Last modified on 01 July 2014
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