The term “free to play” has often been parodied as “free to pay” by gamers that feel this new system of timers and locks is something that is just not a good business model. Fortunately it is not a model that has managed to spread through the entire market, but is one that is certainly entrenched in the mobile one. A recent ruling in the UK over EA’s advertisement of the Dungeon Keeper game for iOS and Android might be the start of a new look at this often misleading label.

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Reuters Ad Widget Redirects Readers
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Our first bit of news this morning is a piece about the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) hacking into an ad plug-in (widget) on the Reuters new page that allowed them to redirect readers to new landing pages. Now, while the hack is serious, at the time of this writing it does not appear there was any additional payload pushed out to end users. All that happened was readers looking for news stories were redirected to a new page that slammed western media.

Google is the most valuable global brand in 2014
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According to the latest rankings of 100 most valuable global brands compiled by market research firm Millward Brown, Google is the most valuable brand in the world. Google has come to the first spot instead of Apple, which was the first in the rankings for three years, but now fell to second place because the Apple's value on an annual basis fell by 20 % and now amounts to $148 billion.

It must be a slow news day over at Apple Insider where they have chosen to present a mistake in an advertisement to try and slam the new Surface 2. You see according to them, the ad shows Excel making a mistake in addition. This somehow translates to Microsoft being bad and Excel being worse than numbers. The author of the piece quickly went about showing how much better Numbers was by using it to calculate the same sum and they came up with the correct number. The logical leap here is something staggering considering it is not a photo of the surface, but a piece of graphic art.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 19:37

Google could be moving away from Cookies


Most people are aware of small bits that are used to identify and track your computer on the internet and no, I am not talking about the NSA. We are talking about cookies and there are no end users that I know of that like them. If you look around you will find that there are tons of utilities, applications and plug-ins that will help you avoid or delete cookies from your system. Yet these annoyances (in addition to being more than a little invasive) are still around after more than 15 years. However, there is some potentially good news about this as we hear that Google is looking to move away from the use of third party cookies for tracking your movement on the internet.

transparent youtube logo-1280x905

Google is not happy with Microsoft at the moment. It seems that Microsoft has done something rather foolish to the YouTube app for Windows Phone. Instead of following the normal restrictions that most other mobile players follow, they (Microsoft) have decided to let their users download videos from YouTube and to block ads completely during video playback.


AOL, once a leading global provider of Internet services reported the first quarterly revenue growth in eight years. In the fourth quarter of last year the company operated with $600 million in revenue, compared with $576 million in the same period a year earlier. This is significantly better than the estimates of analysts who had expected revenue of $573 million. Operating profit also rose by 24%, from 54.8 to 68.2 million.


As Facebook looks for a new ways of making money they have introduced the Android Software Development Kit and Developers center. They have prepared Facebook widgets for app developers to implement into their apps. They also provided guides for building in friends so you can annoy your friends with app requests once they are done.  As they stated on their site “This release includes several tools that simplify authentication and authorization, including a Fragment and a Button that manage login state automatically.”

Thursday, 27 September 2012 20:41

Google's 14th birthday


Already 14 years have passed since the Google has been established, and they celebrated it with a cake doodle. Of course it has 14 candles, and after they are blown out the cake gets cut out and the remaining parts create the Google logo from the plate below. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were at Stanford University. It all started on September 4, 1998 when the company was first incorporated as a privately held company, while public the offering happened on August 19, 2004.

facebook_moneySo the rumors about a “Facebook” phone have begun to pop up again. This time they are claiming that the arrival date of the social device will be sometime next year. These rumors are being fueled by other rumors (which is how you do it) and all seem to back up the possibility that Facebook might indeed be looking to try and enter the smart phone arena. How smart this decision is remains to be seem, but for now let’s just take a look at some of the supporting evidence.