Wednesday, 12 March 2014 14:25

Samsung launches 20nm 4Gb DDR3 memory chips

Samsung has started mass production of 4 Gb DDR3 memory chips in 20-nanometer manufacturing process.  According to the manufacturer, production of DRAM chips in fewer nanometer technology is more demanding job in relation to the NAND flash memory chips. While NAND in every cell requires only a transistor, 0DRAM memory must have both transistor and capacitor.

According to sources coming from the company itself, Intel will during the third quarter of this year add support for DDR memory 4 of the new generation. New DDR 4 memory is developed for a long time, specifically over five years.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 20:13

Avexir brings flashy DDR3 memory


DDR3 memory has been on the market that the new models do not attract attention of virtually anyone except extreme overclockers. Still, here and there an interesting product appears, and in this case it is Avexir Core GOLD memory. Given the name, it is clear that the memory is equipped with refrigerators in golden color which is quite nice considering that many motherboards designed for Haswell processors have golden passive coolers. Particularly interesting detail are yellow LEDs which, as we understand from the press release, flash in accordance with the memory load. This is interesting concept because memory LEDs look very good if the casing has a transparent side panel.

rambus logo

The company Rambus has shown off a new memory architecture called R+ LPDDR3, designed specifically for mobile devices. The technology is compatible with the standards of the DFI 3.1 and JEDEC LPDDR3, and offers up to 25 percent lower power consumption and higher performance than the previous LPDDR3.

Micron-technology2During our coverage of Intel’s Ivy Bridge and in particular our coverage of Asus’ Z77 based motherboards we mentioned that Asus was already starting to use a new tracing layout to deal with increasing memory speeds. The new memory they were working towards was not only DDR3 (up to 3200MHz) but also DDR4. It is a good thing they have already started working on this as we now hear that Micron has working DDR4 memory modules.