Bangladesh Swift payment attack possibly related to the Sony Attack
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It seems that the recent $81 million dollar attack against the Bangladesh Central Bank might have also been about the Seth Rogan Movie “the interview”... ok, not really, but the attack that happened at Sony in 2014 seems to have many things in common with the recent attack that resulted in the theft of $81 million. During the Sony attack the initial blame was centered on the release of the Interview, but that was never confirmed and seemed to be way off base.

Sony hack was probably not from Korea… Go figure
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So the big Sony Hack that everyone was talking about and that the US government blamed on Korea might not have been state sponsored after all. Despite the FBI’s initial (and way too fast) conclusion that the source of the attacks were from North Korea there was ample evidence that this was not the case from the start. Anyone familiar with the way an attack happens knows that the majority are going to be pushed through multiple proxies and will have some sort of obfuscation to hide who is doing what including using code that might have been used before.

Hollywood says Google Fiber will turn people into pirates
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There is no shortage of jokes about ignorance in big business and government, but there are times when some of the things that are really said just sound stupid. Recently members of the Hollywood Cartel decided that Google fiber will lead to an increase in piracy. Their reasoning is a “survey” that was conducted on illegal file haring as it relates to Google Fiber s that came up with some rather interesting numbers (they are magical). Fortunately for anyone wanting a laugh, it was leaked to the gang at TorrentFreak

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 15:50

Leaked Sony Emails are Both Funny and Sad...

If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times, there is no such thing as a secure network or system. This is especially true when the network is, by design, intended to deal with external user or customer connections. We are, of course, talking about the Sony (Pictures) breach and the subsequent treasure trove of emails and documents that have been flowing from that event since. Sony is in a very bad way since the hack as they have (stupidly) kept some rather sensitive information on their servers that is no open for the public to see.

It looks like a fairly large DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on both the PlayStation Network and the Sony Entertainment Network caused gamers some trouble yesterday. The attack caused the service to be unavailable intermittently throughout the day. At this time Sony says that no user information was accessed or taken. As of this writing a group that is calling themselves the “lizard squad” is claiming responsibility for the attack.

Samsung's Gear VR to be a Phone Dock...
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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 06:50

Samsung's Gear VR to be a Phone Dock...

Virtual reality is one of the new “buzz” words in the industry these days and it seems that everyone wants to have a headset of their very own. So far in this round of VR (there have been companies doing VR before) we have seen the rise of Oculus as the leader despite not actually having a product on the market in any real form. Other players that have officially announced their intent are Sony, Google and Samsung.

Facebook bought the startup company Oculus VR for reasons that they have not quite made public, but it has been assumed that it was to help them get into the gaming industry as well as expand Facebook in a new way. So far we have heard a few rumors about what this goal might be including a vast virtual world that takes online social interaction to a new level.

If you have never heard of the developer Bungie then you probably are not a Halo fan. Bungie is the company that was responsible for Halo 1-3. Now they are working on another project that is to be a little less exclusive, Destiny.  As Bungie is only known for their work on Halo the industry and consumers are sure to be keeping an eye on Destiny to see if Halo was a fluke or if Bungie can really write a game.

Remember when we said that Microsoft was trying to make up for recent mistakes on company direction? Well we have another example of that. Originally Microsoft had made statements to the effect that they would not be releasing new versions of older Xbox games and that there would be no compatibility with the next generation console. Part of this was simply due to the fact that the Xbox One was moving to x86 hardware and the costs (in terms of performance) to create an emulation layer for older games was not worth the effort.

In a recent report to investors Sony's Kaz Hirai confirmed that approximately 50% of the owners of the PlayStation 4 have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and that the number of active users on PSN recently risen to 52 million.