Thursday23 March 2023

Apple plans on selling 65 Million iWatches

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Sources close to the producers of components for Apple devices have stated that the company will begin selling its long-awaited smart watch during the third quarter of this year. For this period they are already preparing large orders, so the manufacturers are warming to begin production.

It is expected that by the end of the year Apple will book and place on market about 65 million iWatch devices. Company with which Apple will collaborate on the project are also known. Richtek Technology will be in charge of chip production, sapphire touch screens will bec reated by Taiwanese TPK, and other components will be made in Samsung's factories.

Among other things, iWatch should be focused on health and fitness, like the upcoming iOS 8 and many other smart watches that are already on the market or will arrive in near future.

[Ed - Predictions like these are always interesting and rarely accurate. Instead they are intended to build hype and interest in the product. Sadly for Apple, the days when they could generate the type of hype that would end up in massive sales are gone. Lately they have had problems with the way the market is recieing new products from them. We expect the iWatch will sell well, but that it will fall well short of the predictions floating around in the same way the iPhone 5S and 5C did.]

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