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New Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card with 12 GB of memory was supposed to arrive to stores on April 29th, in the meantime, rumurs have emerged and saying that will not happen after all.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014 22:30

Xiaomi expanding sales to 10 new countries

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi announced that the official sales of their devices will extend to ten additional countries in the world. Xiaomi currently operates very well, especially in their home state, while it is also available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and more recently in Singapore.

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While technological world expects a new version of the iPhone, which should be presented in September, the public is amused with speculation concerning primarily the size of the screen of the new device. It is widely accepted expected that the direct successor to the 4 inch model will be a new 4.7 inch mobile phone, while in an entirely different segment Apple could qualify with another iPhone, but this time screen diagonal could be 5.5 inches.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 15:56

Galaxy S5 costs $256 to manufacture

According to a report released by IHS Technology Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 costs a whole $ 256. Specifically this price indicates how much cost components that ultimately make the Galaxy S5, the most expensive part is definitely 5.1 inch display which accounts for the amount of $ 63. Despite the cost of the screen it is still $ 12 cheaper when compared with the cost of the screen that came with the earlier Galaxy S4 model.

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Friday, 11 April 2014 06:35

Apple plans on selling 65 Million iWatches

Sources close to the producers of components for Apple devices have stated that the company will begin selling its long-awaited smart watch during the third quarter of this year. For this period they are already preparing large orders, so the manufacturers are warming to begin production.

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In the Korean media appeared information that Samsung is currently having problems with the production of Galaxy S5 smartphone.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 10:08

TSMC starts mass production of 20 nm chips

Taiwan's TSMC has begun mass production of 20-nanometer chips before the previously scheduled time. According to the company's vice president C. C. Wei, TSMC began the production of large quantities of chips in the above production process a month earlier than it was originally planned.

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Monday, 13 January 2014 20:01

Sanjay Jha is the new CEO of GlobalFoundries

Former CEO of Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha, under whose leadership the company was sold to Google, will assume leadership of GlobalFoundries. Sanjay Jha was the chief executive officer of Qualcomm, and from the chief position at Motorola Mobility stepped won in 2012.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 20:32

3D printers to be used in airplane construction

British company Rolls-Royce is considering the use of 3D printer to print the lighter components in their jet aircraft engines.

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It looks like Intel will be delaying their next CPU core, Broadwell by at least one quarter. The reason for this delay has been listed as a technical difficulties. What these difficulties are we have not been able to identify, but it is possible that the 14nm process could be part of the equation. Intel showed Broadwell working at IDF which is good news, but it is still possible that there are minor problems with yields that put things behind schedule.

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