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Apple wants patent on flexible wrapped screen

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Apple has filed a patent application for a future "smart" mobile phone with a transparent body and a flexible screen "wrapped" around the entire body of the device. The patent application that is named "Electronic device with wrap around display" describes the phone or other electronic device that has a screen all over the body, and users should have all the interaction with the device using the touch screen without any physical buttons.

Within the patent application, one potential drawback of this approach is being processed, which is that the mobile phone can’t easily determine the user's location. Therefore, the device should use the camera and the face recognition technology to monitor the position and movement of the user's face and then adjust the display according to it.

They also suggests the possibility of simulating 3D display by setting two flexible screens one above the other, which would show the same image slightly shifted in phase in order to get an impression of three-dimensionality.

[Ed – This patent shows something that we have been talking about with Apple for some time. The gist of the patent appears simple; a phone with a wrap around display that could potentially allow for glasses free 3D. However the way Apple uses their patents it means that this will be used to prevent people from using a flexible display (becasue Apple patented it here). This is despite the fact that Nokia and others already have patents on flexible displays (with different implementations). Other parts of the patent have been covered by other companies including the offset screens for glass-free 3D. Flexible and transparent PCBs have been covered as well. In the end this patent is a conglomerate of other people's ideas. Apple is just presenting it in a form that the USPTO is not able to sort through and see for what it is. It is a shame that Apple will probably be awrded this one like so many others despite it being unoriginal in almost all aspects...]

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