Thursday30 March 2023

Is there a buyer interested in Winamp?

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In the last month there have been various stories about the fate that should befall the popular Winamp. From a sudden cancellation and complete shutdown, over a petition requesting to become open source, to the alleged Microsoft's interest to become the owner of the program and all supporting services.

For now page that was supposed to be off today for some reason remained online. According to some Internet portals reason for this is that AOL is nearing completion of negotiations on the sale of Winamp and its ancillary services. For now, AOL does not want to confirm, nor deny the information about the negotiations, so there is still hope that Winamp will continue to exist in the future.

On the day when the Winamp was supposed to "disappear", Spotify team has decided to pay tribute with a small player named Spotiamp which looks identical to the old Winamp before 3.x and later versions.

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