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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:03

New privacy settings pop up for WhatsApp

After Facebook bought WhatsApp many users have wondered how the privacy of the messages send will now be governed. Although Facebook is not yet fully responsible for this application, a new version (2.11.169) arrives that will bring new opportunities in terms of privacy. With the new settings, you can specify who can see get the infamous “Last Seen” status, your profile photo, and your status. At WhatsApp took into account that these three options are separated, and each one can be separately adjusted.

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Yahoo has acquired startup company Wander which is behind the application Days. It is a form of personal visual diary. Users can set their photos and animated GIFs in one package during the day. The idea is to give the photo some extra context which is often not the case when images are individually mounted on services like Instagram.

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Monday, 23 December 2013 06:08

Is there a buyer interested in Winamp?

In the last month there have been various stories about the fate that should befall the popular Winamp. From a sudden cancellation and complete shutdown, over a petition requesting to become open source, to the alleged Microsoft's interest to become the owner of the program and all supporting services.

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It seems that Apple's launch of iPhone 5S device, the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor initiated a new trend on the market. Apple iPhone 5S as it is known brings its own 64-bit A7 processor with more than 1 billion transistors and a new 64-bit operating system, iOS 7.

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New Apple patent shows a method of finding and accessing capabilites of a car with the help of mobile devices and Bluetooth.

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These days the game makers at Rubicon have joined many disgruntled developers that are less than happy with the new Windows. Rubicon is saying they have spent more than $16,000 in porting their games to Windows 8, but then posted sales of only $84. However, that's not the situation with all software developers that have tried the new OS. One example is a company called Extended Results, which in a blog post stated that their business application PUSHBI going great.

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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 06:12

Steam starts selling software

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After Valve added new categories ranging from creativity to productivity earlier they have officially started to sell non-game software for the Windows platform. After the reviewing process, apps can be purchased and users can choose where they will install them in the latest Steam beta. Valve has all rights to provide certain discounts if they think it will be good for customers and developers. The developers won’t get their standard 70% cut of the sales, but instead revenue will depend on volume, price and other factors. So it is up to Valve to take care of that, and so far no developers have argued about this.

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