Saturday01 April 2023

Kindle Paperwhite goes beyond expectations

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It looks like Amazon was pesimistic about the Paperwhite launch as the preorders have exceeded their expectations by quite a lot.  It doesnt make much sense if you consider that it's predcessor the Kindle eReader was the most sold item from the Kindle family and you can only expect better results if you bring a decent upgrade like the Paperwhite. Amazon started to ship the devices yesterday and if you try to buy it now, the Paperwhite could be yours after a 4 to 6 week delay due to high demand. There is also a limit of two devices per customer.

Both of their models, with or without 3G, are delayed. Amazon describes it as the most advanced e-reader, with higher resolution, a higher contrast touchscreen with built-in light and 8-week battery life.  That is more than enough for everyone who prefers to read e-books rather than the paper ones to buy it. The biggest improvement is surely the more responsive capacitive touch screen instead the old infrared based one. So the turning pages is now even more fluid, completing the reading experience.

Amazon's strategy to push a new and improved e-reader every year is reaping fruits for them. They bring new features to improve users' reading experience and they are responding properly to that by buying big numbers. However Amazon's supply chain isn't top tier, the 4-6 week estimated shipping is pretty solid for them and is certainly good news. If they continue to do things this way, they can be sure that the e-reader markets is their golden goose and that they can match or even surpass any rivals here.

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